About Good Deeds

Good Deeds is a small non-for-profit organisation working tirelessly to restore faith in humanity. We work towards bringing about peace, sharing common good and creating practical examples of putting learning into action by using various fun and interactive themes to bring people together mainly sports, arts, music and dialogue.

We all have a part to play in society and realise not everyone is offered the guidance, skills and opportunities to be able to do this and furthermore we struggle to find good role models. Therefore not everyone realises their true potential in playing a active part in the society.

Good Deeds has been successful in finding fun and creative ways to allow individuals to recognise their role and responsibility to children, parents, family & friends, the community, the city, the country and the world in which we live;

  • Individual or personal responsibilities are balancing a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally and spiritually. We must attain a healthy lifestyle; exercising, eating well, finding time to enjoy the hobbies we love to help us relax and wind-down, as well as attempting to obtain good education and career..
  • Family responsibilities include maintaining good ties with family members with a particular focus on being compassionate to our youth and caring for the elderly.
  • Communal responsibilities include caring for the neighbours, the environment and supporting good cross community projects and initiatives such as feeding the homeless and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. And ensuring there is a good level of access to community services such as good educational attainment levels and a wide range of accessible sports.
  • Citizen responsibilities include identifying and feeling being part of the fabric of society, playing an active part and contributing positively as a British citizen.
  • Global responsibilities include highlighting the importance of what may seem like an insignificant action such as wasting food, plastic or energy, can have a huge affect on the global climate.

Good Deeds has been successful in bringing people from different cultural and faith backgrounds to share commonalties and explore differences. The outcome of such has been that it creates a positive relationship and encourages friendship.

Examples of the many initiatives include;

  • Inter-Active – using sport, mainly cricket, to bring Muslim and Jewish to bond and make friends.
  • Cool 2 Care – bringing young people and their parent’s together through art & crafts to carry out a social community action in a local derelict park.
  • Interfaith Question Time – Various faith representatives collectively enhancing the religious education of the City’s school pupils.

We work closely with different places of worship, schools, the council, the police and many other organisations and projects to be about peace, harmony and togetherness.

“Love, openness and collaboration will take us forward”